Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Musicians worst nightmare

I'm not sure why I forgot to relate this story that recently occurred:

I was asked by one of the orchestras I work for to play keys for a half an hour for a bat-mitzvah. The actual bat-mitzvah band would be played by the famous Blue Fringe. Anyway it was an easy gig for me, one hour and I'm out. This is not something I normally do being a lead vocalist but I figured what the heck.
I show up and sure enough someone else is setting up to play the tail hour. It just so happens to be I know the guy since we had done a gig together a couple of months prior. I ask him is Blue Fringe playing here? (making sure it's the right place-my worst fear) he says yes. So I ask what are you doing here...
long story short there was a miscommunication and he never actually confirmed he would play the gig only that he was available...I leave the gig and notice thastI now have a flat tire! No the other guy didn't do it:) It so happens after I thought about it I had hit a pot hole on the way to the gig and I'm very certain I busted my tire so guys watch out for those damned potholes!

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