Monday, September 06, 2004

Rapping, Learning and Juggling......

This is one strange article.. welcome to limmudfest-where we Rap,Juggle and listen to Jewish lectures:

More than 300 people attended the four-day event, – the Jewish answer to Glastonbury - held in the Shropshire countryside and run on the lines of the organisation’s successful winter conference.A music marquee was set up in the field in Ellesmere, north of Shrewsbury, hosting Israeli bands and even American Jewish Eytan G who performed hits from his album South Side of the Synagogue.Following a communal Shabbat attendees were offered a wide programme of Jewish lectures, workshops and drama courses.On Sunday the Tzedaka fair raised some £340 for three charities – the UJIA children’s projects in Israel, World Jewish Relief projects in Argentina and Ukraine, and the Darfour emergency appeal in Sudan.Organiser Jonnie Cohen said: “It was amazing, better than anything we had hoped for. We were creating a completely new event for Limmud. It was a much smaller event than conference so had a very different atmosphere. "People enjoyed doing their own thing - some went for walks in the local area while others enjoyed watching bands on the marquee stage or attending the workshops.”Participants had the choice to either camp outdoors or sleep in the dormitories in the on-site Ellesmere College.The festival was held during the Hebrew month of Elul, the traditional Jewish time for reflection before Rosh Hashanah, and the theme of ‘dream a little deeper, think a little further’ ran through the event.