Thursday, September 02, 2004

Behind the Wall

BloginDM brings out an interesting article concerning Saxophone player extraordinary,
Greg Wall. I actually took piano lessons from his wife as a child over 20 Yrs ago. I have played with Greg and he's got to be one of the finest saxophone players out there. His class and musical expertise were always prominent on every job we ever played together. Although it has been years since we've been on a bandstand together, I can still recall one of the first times I saw him. He was playing with Aaron Goldring at the time and I was at a friends wedding. I remember just watching him as he played licks and improvised it was quite impressive. The interesting part of the article is that I was unaware that he started keeping Shabbos after the Year 2000. This article should be an inspiration to all non-Shabbos observant Jews. As the article points out, another album (also produced on Tzadik records) is by my buddy Paul Shapiro who also created a song "using ancient torah cantillation"as well. I think the idea is a little odd but no one said it's for everybody.