Sunday, August 29, 2004

Yiddish Part lll

Here is another article showing that Yiddish is making a come back:

Decades after fading around the dinner table, Yiddish is rising as a language of the lectern.
It's no secret that interest in Yiddish - the venerable, evocative tongue once spoken by millions of European Jews - is blossoming among American Jews eager to reclaim their roots. But Yiddish is growing as a subject of academic inquiry, as well as personal interest.
Classes are sprouting not only in synagogues and community centers, but on college campuses nationwide. Enrollment in U.S. college Yiddish courses rose between 1998 and 2002 by 30 percent, almost twice the overall rate of growth in foreign-language study, according to the Modern Language Association's federally sponsored surveys.
The total is small - only 440 students nationwide as of fall 2002 - but there's enough interest to support full-fledged programs in Yiddish and related studies at Harvard, Columbia and Ohio State universities, among others.

I wonder if I'll be speaking it fluently in the years to come....