Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Why are there no good tunes these days?

Regarding a post by Hassidic Musician

I think there are no good songs because artists are afraid. What do I mean? They want to go with a name everyone knows. Yossi Green,Yitzy Bald etc.
Therefore there are generally only a handful of song writers and they are the same on most albums. That would explain why some of it sounds the same.
If people would be more open minded and introduce songs by lesser known song writers I think some people might find some better material out there.
Lately there have been some new song writers on the scene such as Yaakov Gifter(wrote for Ophie Nat), Yo Eisenstark and Yitzy Waldner. I think people are afraid to try something new, for fear of what the public might decide about their album and they would lose a lot of money on sales. I would like to know why since the invention of the Hora a new drum beat has been introduced. I think as production costs start coming down more and more we will see new ideas and creativity come on the JM scene.