Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Shiney Shoe V.S. The Real Deal lll

MoChassid Clarifies on the Shiney Shoe:
I am not suggesting that song writers be destitute. I am suggesting that if money is the only factor motivating the writing of a song, it's unlikely that any particular ruach hakodesh is going to come down to you in the process.

I think he makes a very valid point there is only one problem.. There is no more ruach hakodesh.

The last person documented with ruach hakodesh was the Premishlaner ( I can see an argument brewing here). I will settle for Siyatah D'shmaya. I don't necessarily believe that all song writers currently in Jewish Music only write for the purposes of making money. Perhaps the reason those songs aren't any good is a lack of creativity and talent. The argument lives on.......